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About Kanda Gofuku

Thank you for visiting our website! is the official website for "Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda", a formal bespoke Kimono shop.


The shop has been established by my grandfather, Mitsujiro Kanda,  at the central Kanonji city area of Kagawa Prefecture in 1919.



Since then, we have been very proud to serve our customer with the highest quality products available in the market. (Actually, our Kimono suppliers are mainly located in Kyoto where the center of traditional Kimono culture. )


Should you need to buy a "formal" or "special occasion" Kimono, we definitely recommend you to stop by our shop and we can support you to find the total Kimono coordinate solution, not only Kimono but also including Obi, Zo-ri and etc. for sure. 


Due to limited language capability, we may cause your inconvenience in terms of communication at the shop, however, our hospitality and passion for Kimono should overcome the language barrier.


Our products are not sold to other than Japan now except the United States through our trusted partner, Tangerine Mountain Imports and Designs Inc.  (
Please reach out to the partner, if you are interested in acquiring our Kimono and Obi products in the US. 


The 3rd Shop Owner of Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda, Koichiro Kanda



Shop Info

3091-1, Kanonji Cho, Kanonji City, 768-0060, KAGAWA Japan
Phone: +81-875-25-2030 (Sorry, only Japanese available)


Open: 09:30am -5:00 pm

Close: Thursday

Payment: JPY Cash (at Shop only)/Visa, Master, Amex (Shop/On-line)

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